Poster for an American Hip-Hop group based around the Fibonacci sequence.

When SHGE’s upcoming 2120 album is played backwards in Fibonacci sequence, there is a story that is told. The group wanted a promotional poster that not only  translated this message visually, but also brought together the four different artists in the group which contributed to the album.

The Fibonacci sequence became the core of the design; bringing each of the 21 tracks into a spiral following the Fibonacci curve, each track had a dot representing every second of the album. Some of these dots were colour coded to  represent the artist featured on the track - Cody Bennett was turquoise, DWiz was red, ZAC - Purple and Domameno gold. This created an unusual visual language that marked out the solo work of each artist. The poster also resembles the solar system, nodding to the immense scale and scope of the album in the range of artists and tracks featured.