Art direction, branding and web design for NOISE Latin celebrating cultural richness and vibrancy.

Noise™ was founded in 2018 by Joe Laresca, Latin-American entrepreneur and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 recipient. Noise Latin is an advertising industry specialising in Latin culture and working largely in the areas of music and the arts. Working in tandem with SLAPS studio, we sought to configure a visual aesthetic for the new company that rooted it in its hispanic heritage. To bring this to fruition we took the approach of basing visuals that were borne out of vibrant colours that translated cultural richness, however they needed to straddle a balance that kept the design language in tandem with that of the parent company. It seemed most fitting to seek out the brightest Latin typographic foundries to enlist the fonts for this branding, landing on NOKA and Magno Sans.

To build out the necessary flair for the site, different artistic expressions were created to bring onto the site and brand language, including gradient sound wave textures and topographical imagery of different latin landscapes that were then doctored in a manner of different approaches. This clearly delivered the message of arts and place that are so fundamental to the company, also allowing the constant ability to breathe new life and flux to the visual language.