Hen House


Art direction, branding and website for London based creative agency with a modern and mindful approach.

Hen House London specialise in Art Direction, Styling, Photography, Moving Image, Stills & Sound. They needed a coherent brand identity that was both sophisticated and minimalist, but that also represented them as a constantly shifting and evolving agency. The website and guidelines created for the agency were formed around a strong grid image that had the capacity to be both rigid and change consistently, creating a site that was alive and constantly adapting.

This visually exciting and experimental layout was an apt way to showcase the agency’s field of against-the-grain artists. Paired with a clean black and white colour palette, the imagery was given space to speak for itself in unique and different display layouts. Further compounding this theme of change, the type sizes were created using the natural rules of the Fibonacci sequence; the stretched glyphs play into an overall expression of things shifting and evolving within.