Dear London


Art direction for the project curating and highlighting the commons and hidden refuge stories as part of London Festival of Architecture ’23.

Green Refuge uses augmented art and public history to commemorate the hidden refuge stories inspired by the tales of Clapham Common.

‍Understanding the common in all its material as an urban oasis, biological super system, a space for social engagement, inter-cultural exchange, democratisation of green space and inequality – the 45-minute walking trail invites visitors to step into a live journalism experience to see, hear and uncover the commonality in the collection of stories spanning nearly 300 years. Plotted in tone, the AR trail shares tales from the ponds and wetlands, to memoirs from the air raid shelter of the children of the Blitz and the early Caribbean migrants.

‍Each section produced from creative research and an open-call out to London residents, offering an unparalleled opportunity to deepen the public conversation about the past, present, future and events of our green spaces, and its integral role in the urban environment. The project was featured as part of London Festival of Architecture 2023

To build out the visual language and further enhance the project, collaborating with Niamh Power on the illustrations and Lauren Harris with the web design/development to orchestrate the wider art direction across print and signage. A custom type that was inspired by flora and fauna was then devised to tie all the different elements together and fully realise the aesthetic narrative.