FM Audio & Sound Production


Art direction hailing northern roots of design and music with multidisciplinary studio FM.

Leading the complete brand overhaul for Manchester-born Audio & Sound Engineer/Producer took the form of creating a custom monogram that accentuated the diversity of the skillset and production made by James. We felt that hailing from such a musically rich city with a lot of great design history, particularly from the Hacienda/Factory Records era, that it was worth carrying that into to visual strategy for the brand.

Adopting FM radio-waves as an obvious choice to formulate the visual motifs for the branding, various forms of tactile mark making were turned into 3D elements that could be used in a variety of different applications/formats for socials and motion. The motifs were created in tandem with a bespoke gradient package that allowed James to easily form endless variations of compositions to properly replicate the breadth and depth of his work.