Contemporary Art Society


Curating a design language fresh and diverse enough to suitably represent the contemporary arts’ vivacious voices.

When devising a fluid and malleable design system to help promote the wide array of prominent and pioneering artists discussing their work with the Contemporary Art Society, it was clear that they needed something sharp and minimalist in its design to allow for clear translation of the relevant information to new and existing audiences. When forming first ideas with the team, it was clear that there was a want and need for a little more visual stimulation, especially for the organisation in question.

To keep the design bold and bright, digital motifs were introduced that could be used to advertise the individual artists in question, bespoke symbols were created alongside an identity system that could be applied across print, web and social assets. This also kept the visual language simplistic but highly diverse, representing the variety in style and voice of the many different artists in collaboration with CAS.