Bean & Gone


Highlighting the bespoke experience and moments shared with the climate conscious candle company.

Bean & Gone are a new bespoke candle company creating products from soy beans. A key aim of theirs was to highlight the unique design and reusable aspect to their climate conscious candles. Something that they wanted to implement into this brand experience was a ‘scent symbol’, a uniquely designed motif that could form a design language for each new scent released.

To pull all of these different themes together and create a truly unique aesthetic language for the company, the forms and scent symbols that were used in the packaging and promo were derived from the forms of smoke. We especially wanted to bring an emphasis to moments shared whilst using the candles, to enhance the idea of this, motion pieces were storyboarded and shaped around the ampersand scent symbols. These abstract shapes were then built into the design language to create a vibrant, fluid and playful system that emphasised the idea of moments shared with the product.